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Introduction of Huichang

Huichang County, Jiangxi province of China, was named as ¡°Jiu zhou¡± in ancient times and has a more than 1000-year history since it was founded in Beisong Dynasty. It is located southeast of Jiangxi province and borders Fujian province on the east and Guangdong province on the south.

It is the south-eastern gateway to the coastal developed areas of China. It is often recognized as ¡°the strategic passage to eastern Fujian and southern Guangdong¡±.

Look at today¡¯s Huichang. It is famous for its scenic beauty. Huichang£¬a land full of hope.


--To the tune of Ching Ping Yueh

Summer 1934 by Mao Zedong

Dawn is breaking,
Never you mind saying ¡°You set out too early¡±
After crossing the green hills, we still remain young
The scenery here is exceptionally beautiful.

Right outside of the city walls of Huichang towering peaks,
Peak upon peak stretch across to the eastern seas.
The soldiers point straight to Guangdong,
Heaving in a distant sight more luxuriant green than ever.


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